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Heroic comeback


Tiger Woods.

I was forced to give the news channels a break today because there was something earth shaking happening at Augusta. The green jacket over the red, and Tiger Woods was crowned a Masters champ once again, something so many of us thought would never happen.

The sports world has witnessed many comebacks but to me this is one of the greatest. Though the career-threatening injuries and the sex scandal almost took the drive out of the world champion, Woods surmounted the challenge. He rose in epic style and his comeback will go down in history.

The way he celebrated his feat on the greens, said it all. It has been a long and labourious decade for Woods.

I remember something similar happening in tennis in the early nineties. The career of Monica Seles, who was the youngest woman then to reach the world one rankings, was tragically cut short after she was stabbed on the court by an unsound spectator in Hamburg. That was in 1993. She returned to the court two years later and in 1996 won the Australian Open to take her 10th Grand Slam title.

That Woods is out of the woods, interesting times awaits the Greens.

Thomas R,By email

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