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Burhan right choice as head of Sudan council


People chant slogans during a rally.

The appointment of Lieutenant General Abdel Fattah Al Burhan Abdelrahman as the new head of Sudan’s transitional military council is a step in the right direction and one can now expect the country’s democratic transition to take place in a systematic and peaceful manner.

As the UAE Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation rightly stated, the development comes as a step forward reflecting the ambitions of the brotherly people of Sudan towards security, stability and development.

“A friend in need is a friend indeed” is a flawlessly apt adage for the UAE as the country always stands by brotherly nations at their time of need. The UAE has reaffirmed its support for the steps taken by Sudan’s transitional military council to protect people and property.

President His Highness Sheikh Khalifa Bin Zayed Al Nahyan has issued a directive to communicate with Sudan’s transitional military council to explore the prospects of accelerating aid for the brotherly people of Sudan.

Saudi Arabia also deserves praise for extending timely support to Sudan. Saudi Arabia has correctly called on all Sudanese to give priority to the national interest of their country. Saudi King Salman has ordered an unspecified package of aid for Sudan that includes petroleum products, wheat and medicine.

There is no issue in the world that cannot be sorted out through sincere dialogue. It’s good that Sudan’s transitional military council has invited all spectrums of Sudanese people for dialogue.

Al Burhan has taken the correct initiative by ordering the lifting of the nighttime curfew imposed, which was to last for a month, and declaring the immediate release of all those detained and tried during the wave of unrest that began in December.

He has also committed to an independent judiciary and to preparing the environment for political parties and civil society to build themselves up in order to have a peaceful transition of power.

Now that Sudan’s new military rulers have urged political parties to select an independent figure to become prime minister and form a civilian government, things should start moving ahead peacefully.

“We want to set up a civilian state based on freedom, justice and democracy,” Lieutenant General Yasser Al Ata, a member of the ruling military council, has been quoted as saying at a meeting with several parties. “We want you to agree on an independent figure to be prime minister and agree on a civilian government.”

The council’s political chief, Lieutenant General Omar Zain Al-Abdin, too has informed Arab and African diplomats that “this is not a military coup, but taking the side of the people.”

It would be appropriate on the part of the international community to understand the situation and support the transitional military council in order to achieve the Sudanese goal of democratic transition.

Sudan’s foreign ministry has made it clear that the steps taken by the army take the side of the people for the sake of freedom, peace and justice and that Al Burhan is committed to having a complete civilian government and the role of the council will be to maintain the sovereignty of the country.

It’s certainly time for all political, factional, popular and military leaders in the Republic of Sudan to work for protecting legitimacy and ensuring a peaceful transfer of power, a better future for the nation and national unity for the people of Sudan.

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