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The World Health Day theme ‘Health for all – everyone, everywhere’ is a powerful call.

The Big Heart Foundation deserves praise for their efforts in alleviating the misery of the down trodden, especially those affected in war-torn regions. The World Health Day theme ‘Health for all – everyone, everywhere’ is a powerful call but for it to be a success it needs the support of the world community, more specifically governments (‘Proactive action must to address hunger, food scarcity,’ April 6, Gulf Today).

As Mariam so accurately pointed out, all stakeholders have to come on board to make sure that the delicate situation of the health care sector, and the dire conditions of the poor and the refugees gets redressed. Humanitarian work needs to go beyond its brief and get transformed from temporary projects into sustainable solutions so as to support the health sector, to provide appropriate continuous health services for the community.  

Children and elderly in developing countries and strife-torn areas are the worst affected. As stated in the narrative, six million children die due to the lack of basic health treatments and there is a shortage of up to six million health workers, with a bleak forecast of rising numbers over the next ten years.

The Foundation and UAE are in continuous pursuit towards bridging that gap. All praise to their efforts.

Ismail Zaffar, By email

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