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A brand new day for Gulf Today

Aysha Taryam


Editor-in-Chief, Gulf Today News and Media.

Editor-in-Chief, Gulf Today News and Media.


Since its inception over two decades ago Gulf Today newspaper has been passionate about delivering news and bringing forth local issues that matter. Its founders the late Taryam Omran and Dr. Abdullah Omran Taryam aimed to bring the journalistic vision and integrity they solidified through the Arabic daily Al Khaleej newspaper to a sister paper the Gulf Today in order to widen the conversation in the ever growing, ever diverse community of the United Arab Emirates.

Gulf Today prides itself on being a platform for local writers who through their voices have shed light on great many issues affecting the region. It is of utmost importance that local opinions be heard and Gulf Today has been at the centre of many crucial debates.

In honour of our founders’ legacy and as a commitment to our loyal readers Gulf Today has undergone a major transformation starting with a new brand identity that tells of our proud journalistic heritage as well as ushers our ambitious move forward into the future of journalism in a digital age.

Gulf Today launches its new brand through a state-of-the-art digital platform that is designed with our readers in mind offering a user-friendly and interactive news experience spanning across all social media platforms. Designed to be mobile-friendly the Gulf Today website offers a seamless news sharing experience. This move will also see Gulf Today bring forth more exclusive digital content and share more daring opinions. In an effort to bring citizen journalism to the forefront of news the Gulf Today website invites its readers to share their stories with us confidentially through a system designed to protect your privacy while allowing us to investigate and share the news on your behalf.

Paying respect to the beauty of the medium our print edition has also been completely redesigned with aesthetics and readability as the main drivers. Gulf Today’s print edition comes to you in an all new design and print quality that brings vibrant colours and image clarity to the page.

When the first edition of Gulf Today was printed 23 years ago the journalistic landscape was an entirely different one than the one we are experiencing today and will experience in the decades to come yet one thing remains at the core of the Gulf Today newspaper’s beliefs that journalistic ethics are never to be compromised regardless of the technological or economical shifts and that our readers always come first. 

On behalf of myself and the entire Gulf Today family we hope that our commitment to you our loyal readers and to the survival of independent journalism translates through our continuous strive to offer the best and latest in the world of news.



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