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Sharjah Old Cars Club shifts gears with ambitious five-year strategy


The Sharjah Old Cars Club (SOCC) has unveiled a five-year strategic plan to elevate its position as a premier institution in the vintage car industry. The new strategy underscores the club’s commitment to preserving the rich culture and heritage of automobiles while simultaneously fostering a deeper appreciation and enthusiasm for this timeless sport.

The club’s vision emphasises leadership, sustainability, and the cultural significance of vintage cars, aiming to transform Sharjah into a global hub for enthusiasts.

SOCC has outlined a series of strategic directions in its five-year plan, including community happiness, heritage preservation, and innovation and creativity. These directions aim to achieve 100% customer happiness, 95% service quality, 100% digital transformation, and a 15% annual increase in club membership.

To meet these objectives, SOCC has devised a package of strategic initiatives. These include providing members with a seamless and proactive experience by enhancing service quality, efficiency, and response speed. The club also aims to offer a unified platform that allows members easy access to all services. Additionally, it is advancing communication with clients and the public through various channels to ensure continuous and fruitful engagement.

Dr. Ali Ahmed Abu Al-Zoud, President of SOCC, said, "Our new strategy reaffirms our commitment to positioning the club as a global leader in the vintage car sector, aligning with the cultural and developmental vision of H.H. Dr. Sheikh Sultan bin Muhammad Al Qasimi, Supreme Council Member and Ruler of Sharjah, who views vintage cars as historical and cultural artefacts contributing to Sharjah’s and the UAE’s economic landscape.”

He added, "We are continually developing our tools and programs to meet the aspirations of our members and enthusiasts. We aim to integrate innovation and creativity into our work by celebrating vintage cars as a global culture. Our goal is to create an ideal environment for vintage car enthusiasts, preserve their heritage, and pass it on to future generations through innovative activities and strategic partnerships, making Sharjah a beacon for this sport and cultural heritage."

As part of its new strategy, SOCC has enhanced its corporate identity by emphasising its rich history, commitment to innovation, and dedication to preserving vintage cars. This is aimed at attracting more enthusiasts and digitised all its services for increased efficiency and accessibility. The club maintains and continually develops vintage cars and promotes it as a culture by organising events and competitions.

The club's strategy aligns with the Sharjah Sports Council’s goal to make community sports a lifestyle, ensuring excellence in the emirate’s sports institutions. SOCC’s strategy aims to attract global expertise, a move that is set to nurture young Emirati leaders who uphold international professional standards, promoting job satisfaction, skill growth, and continuous institutional innovation.

SOCC also seeks to instill the noble values of the sport, reaching a wide audience through community initiatives and enhancing investment, sports tourism, and entertainment by hosting events and activities through effective partnerships. Additionally, the club aims to create a global smart platform to monitor challenges, anticipate future trends, and ensure the governance of sports activities, maintaining the excellence of sports institutions according to international standards.

The club is focused on developing attractive sports infrastructure to enhance visitor facilities and services, meeting current and future aspirations according to global health and safety standards. This will help discover talents, create Olympian athletes, and achieve sporting accomplishments.


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