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Lawyer sues client for not paying fees of Dhs120,000 in Abu Dhabi


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Abdulrahman Saeed, Staff Reporter

Abu Dhabi Court for Family, Civil and Administrative Cases obligated a woman to pay Dhs120,000 to her lawyer, as she agreed with him to represent her and her brothers in a lawsuit in return for the amount but she refused to pay after he had fulfilled all contractual obligations.

In details, a lawyer filed a lawsuit against a client in which he requested that she be obligated to pay him Dhs120,000, which it was agreed to pay as fees in addition to a delay interest of 12% annually from the date of filing the lawsuit until full payment, as well as obliging her to pay Dhs100 in fees he paid on her behalf to the court. He also requested to obligate her to pay the fees and expenses of the lawsuit and lawyer’s fees.

The court explained that the case papers proved that the plaintiff agreed with the appellant to represent her in a case involving her and her brothers in return for fees of Dhs120,000 which she pledged to pay but did not.

The appellee appeared before the court and did not present her defence, and then the court obligated her to pay the plaintiff Dhs120,000.

The court rejected the plaintiff’s request to obligate the appellee to pay Dhs100 because the attached receipts proved that the appellee was the one who paid them.

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