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UAE allocates 70 per cent of its $100m pledge to UN aid agencies in Sudan

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A UN staffer unloads UAE relief aid at an airfield in Sudan. File

Gulf Today, Staff Reporter

As a significant contributor of humanitarian aid to Sudan and Africa, the UAE has allocated 70 per cent of its $100 million pledge, announced last April during its participation in the International Humanitarian Conference on Sudan, to UN agencies and humanitarian and relief organisations in support of humanitarian efforts in Sudan.

In a statement, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs indicated that the support would be directed to key partners from UN agencies, including the United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs, the World Food Programme, the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees, the Food and Agriculture Organization, and the World Health Organization.

This approach is designed to ensure a comprehensive response to the humanitarian crisis and to prevent the escalation of famine in Sudan. The UAE's approach encompasses the provision of a comprehensive range of assistance, with a particular focus on food and health, the protection of women and children, and the facilitation of emergency livelihoods and shelter. This demonstrates the country's dedication to addressing the multifaceted dimensions of the crisis, the statement added.

“The UAE's assistance to Sudan and neighbouring countries is consistent with the wise leadership's long-standing commitment to provide humanitarian and relief support to the Sudanese people,” Reem Al Hashimi, Minister of State for International Cooperation, said.

She added, “This reflects the UAE's significant interest in humanitarian challenges and its ongoing dedication to extending a hand of help, support, and humanitarian assistance to those in need.”

Furthermore, she indicated that the assistance would be provided to El Fasher and other areas in Sudan in collaboration with the World Food Programme (WFP).

Al Hashimi also stated that since the crisis in Sudan began, the UAE has provided an air bridge for Sudan and neighbouring Chad, offering all forms of support and assistance to the Sudanese brothers and sisters. This has helped alleviate the humanitarian conditions in Sudan and neighbouring countries.

“Since the crisis began, the UAE has provided $130 million to support the humanitarian response and 9,500 tonnes of food and medical supplies through 148 relief planes. Additionally it dispatched a ship carrying 1,000 tonnes of urgent relief supplies,” the Minister added.

The UAE has also supported Sudanese refugee camps in Abeche and a number of areas in Chad. Furthermore, a 100-tonne food aid plane was flown to Sudanese refugees in South Sudan through the World Food Programme (WFP), she said.


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