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Al Ain to tow away illegally parked vehicles from Wednesday


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Gulf Today, Staff Reporter

The Department of Municipalities and Transport (DMT), represented by Abu Dhabi Mobility (AD Mobility) announced that starting Wednesday (June 19, 2024), a towing service would be activated to remove vehicles parked illegally in Al Ain.

This is part of a new Parking Law that aims to regulate public parking and improve traffic flow.

In the event that a vehicle is parked in the parking area without a number plate, the offending vehicle will be towed immediately to the Al Ain City Industrial Area. In other cases, the type of offence will determine the subsequent course of action.

Furthermore, vehicles will be towed in instances of offering private vehicles for sale or utilising them for commercial, advertising or promotional purposes, as well as for parking without a permit or with an expired permit.

Abu Dhabi Mobility has confirmed that the towing process will be carried out in accordance with the type of offence. Abu Dhabi Mobility is appealing to the public in Al Ain to comply with the parking system to avoid towing and fines.

Abu Dhabi Mobility urges motorists adhere to the regulations governing the organisation and management of public parking at all times. This entails parking correctly and legally in designated parking spaces, refraining from parking in prohibited areas, and avoiding obstructing the movement of vehicles in order to maintain the smooth flow of traffic and the security and safety of the community.

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