Saudi welcomes 130-year-old Hajj pilgrim from Algeria - GulfToday

Saudi welcomes 130-year-old Hajj pilgrim from Algeria


A Suadi official interacts with Sarahouda Stiti at the Jeddah Airport. X photo

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Saudi Arabia welcomed the oldest Hajj pilgrim, Sarahouda Stiti, from Algeria. Sarahouda Stiti, 130, received a warm and enthusiastic welcome when she landed at the Jeddah International Airport in Saudi Arabia on Tuesday.

Social media users lauded her spirit for coming to Hajj this year at the age of 130 years.

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One user said, “May she and all pilgrims have a blessed Hajj journey.”

 “MashAllah, look at the noor on her face, a very blessed beautiful sister whom Allah SWT invited to Hajj — May Allah SWT keep her safe , accept her Haj and bless her with good health — Ameen — Allahu Akhbar,” Mozzer MOTLUFC said on his X platform.

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Another used, HassanQ96 said “130 years! means that she was born in 1894!! It seems to be the oldest Human being in the world! May God bless her.”

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