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Earth Day to raise public plastic awareness


Dr Amna Bint Abdullah Al Dahak

Gulf Today, Staff Reporter

Dr Amna Bint Abdullah Al Dahak, Minister of Climate Change and Environment, emphasised Earth Day's importance as a key platform for raising awareness about reducing plastic use across society and economic sectors, reinforcing the UAE's transition to a circular economy.

Al Dahak said: “This year's Earth Day theme, 'Planet vs. Plastic,' raises awareness about the growing problem of plastic pollution in oceans, rivers, and the environment, posing a direct threat to human life and ecosystems. Over the past two decades, global plastic waste production has doubled. The UAE has been proactive in addressing this issue, enacting laws to restrict single-use plastic products and implementing policies to significantly reduce plastic pollution.”

She highlighted the UAE's Circular Economy Policy 2021-2031, aimed at promoting sustainable management and optimal use of natural resources. By adopting innovative consumption and production methods, the UAE aims to protect the well-being of both present and future generations. She stressed that the Ministry of Climate Change and Environment collaborates with various federal and government entities via the UAE's Circular Economy Council to amplify the private sector's involvement in advancing the circular economy. The Council also aims to strengthen the 'Scale 360' initiative, in which the UAE is the first signatory globally. Additionally, she outlined the reduction of plastic imports, production, and usage as key objectives for the Council and the Ministry in the coming years.

Al Dahak concluded, "Raising public awareness about responsible plastic use is fundamental to mitigating plastic pollution. It's part of our holistic approach to enhancing environmental consciousness and promoting eco-friendly practices throughout society. This effort is crucial in supporting the Ministry and related entities to achieve climate and environmental sustainability goals and to pave the way for a resilient future for the UAE."

In another development, Umm Al Emarat Park joins forces with Vine Communities to host an engaging recycling workshop tailored for children, in celebration of Earth Day, marked annually on 22nd April.

Scheduled at the Park's Little Farm area on Sunday, 21st April, the workshop aimed at instilling a profound understanding of environmental conservation.

Open to children aged 7 and above, this workshop was scheduled to offer an immersive and educational experience focused on the importance of recycling and sustainability. Participants are slated for anticipating an interactive session filled with engaging activities and insightful discussions.

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