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Egyptian expat rescues Indian family from drowning in Dubai


In this screengrab photo shows, Egyptian Hazem Sweid (inset) rescuring the Indian family in Dubai on Thursday.

Mohammed Yaseen, Staff Reporter

A Egyptian expat known as Hazem Sweid, Head of Operational Risk at Banque Misr, UAE Branch, rescued a family trapped in the waters of the tunnel on Al Bidda Street in Dubai, whose vehicle almost sank.

Sweid left his phone and personal belongings inside his vehicle, and rushed to rescue the trapped people who he ensured their safe arrival to their home.

Sweid told Al Khaleej newspaper that he saw a car on which there were husband, wife, and a boy less than eight years old, screaming and shouting for help and trying to get out of the vehicle, whose doors were closed after it broke down.

He allegedly rushed to save them, removing the child from the rear window of the vehicle, while he, with the help of others, opened the other doors of the vehicle and took out the wife and husband, who were of Indians, and helped them sit on top of the vehicle before it was submerged in water and docked at the bottom of the tunnel.

Sweid added that he drove the family members to their home, where they thanked him for saving their lives from certain death.

He pointed out that when he saw the family shouting for help, he rushed to get them out of their vehicle and save their lives.

Sweid has been living in the UAE since 2002. He is a husband and father of two daughters in different stages of education. He expressed his pride in being part of the UAE, which he considers a second homeland.

Sweid also praised the UAE and its government as it was able, in less than 24 hours, to confront the severe weather challenges and floods, which struck the streets of Dubai.

In the same context, Banque Misr honoured Sweid for his heroism and saving the Indian family.

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