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Dubai Ambulance responds to over 235,000 emergencies in 2023


The Corporation successfully performed life-saving interventions for 90 individuals experiencing cardiac arrests.

The Dubai Corporation for Ambulance Services played a critical role in responding to emergencies involving 235,394 individuals in 2023, and achieved a record average response time of 7.5 minutes, a 13 percent improvement from 2022. The organisation also made crucial contributions to saving the lives of 90 individuals who had cardiac arrests in the past year.

Awad Saghir Al Ketbi, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Dubai Corporation for Ambulance Services, said the organisation has become a global leader in ambulance and emergency medical services driven by its goal of protecting the lives of members of the community.

"By focusing on enhancing the emergency medical sector with highly skilled professionals and by advancing pre-hospital medical care quality, the Corporation aims to meet stakeholder expectations and improve overall quality of life. These efforts are integral to achieving the goals set forth in the Dubai Social Agenda 33, further enhancing Dubai's reputation for excellence and innovation in healthcare."

In 2023, through strategic projects to enhance Dubai's ambulance services, the Dubai Corporation for Ambulance Services reported significant achievements in its community service operations. Awad Al Ketbi highlighted that the Corporation received 205,200 reports involving a range of cases from minor to critical.

Over the course of the year, it provided medical care to 235,394 individuals, which included emergency transportation for 69,647 cases and 26,816 non-emergency cases to both government and private healthcare facilities. Additionally, on-site healthcare services were rendered in other cases.

The Corporation successfully performed life-saving interventions for 90 individuals experiencing cardiac arrests, achieving a 21 percent increase in cardiac resuscitation and life-saving operations compared to the previous year. The average response time for emergency calls was reduced to 7.5 minutes, marking a 13 percent improvement in response efficiency from 2022.

Al Ketbi added, "As part of its commitment to providing swift responses that meet the needs of the emirate's residents and visitors, and as part of Dubai's strategic urban plan, the Dubai Corporation for Ambulance Services introduced 12 new ambulance points last year. This expansion brought the total number of ambulance points operated by the corporation to 133, strategically distributed across Dubai."

"The corporation stands out with its specialised ambulance services designed to meet the diverse needs of the community. Managed and operated by a dedicated team of 1,375 personnel, including emergency doctors, paramedics, emergency medical technicians, and emergency responders, they work tirelessly around the clock to safeguard the lives of the community," he noted.

Al Ketbi affirmed that the Corporation has made concerted efforts to acknowledge and enhance the role of women, striving to empower them in support of the UAE’s vision for gender equality. Women now constitute 21 percent of the total workforce of the Corporation.

He further said, "The Corporation successfully covered 42 major events throughout Dubai, clocking a total of 5,000 hours. These included significant occasions such as Eid celebrations, New Year’s events, local and international races, exhibitions, and global conferences.

Additionally, the Corporation offered 154 training programmes and courses for the government sector, benefiting 11,159 employees, while providing 88 programmes for the private sector, benefiting 3,952 individuals in 2023.

This was part of its dedicated plan for training and community awareness. The awareness plan also targeted specific groups including people with disabilities, children, the elderly, and labour sectors, organising 64 awareness programmes within the same year, reaching 17,034 beneficiaries."

He further said, "As part of its role of regulating ambulance services in Dubai, the organisation licensed 120 training centres offering first aid courses and programmes, and 62 healthcare facilities or hospitals that provide ambulance services. Additionally, it certified professionals for private entities, totalling 732, including 188 trainers, 311 paramedics, and 233 ambulance vehicle operators, along with licensing 127 ambulance vehicles."


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