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Dubai appellate court increases penalty for man who stabbed cousin


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Mohammed Yaseen, Staff Reporter

Dubai Appellate Court increased the Court of First Instance’s ruling to jail an Asian from 3 years to 10 years, after being charged with stabbing his cousin and causing his death in hospital due to his injury.

The court upheld jailing of two other suspects for one month and ordered the deportation of all suspects after serving their sentences.

The case dates back to August 2022, when an Asian national filed a report stating that his brother was seriously injured after he had been stabbed with a knife, adding that his cousin was the perpetrator following a dispute between them near their residence.

The report pointed out that his brother rushed to his house and knocked on the door with blood covering his clothes, as he had a large wound in his chest, so he informed the police and ambulance which took him to hospital to receive treatment.

The police issued a circular on the suspect and opened an investigation.

A policeman reported that an investigation team collected evidence and located the suspect and the two others, as they were arrested in another emirate, where the first was planning to flee via a land border exit.

On being interrogated, the first suspect confessed to stabbing the victim with a knife after the latter assaulted him with a wooden stick.

He added that he saw the victim with of one of the other suspects in a restaurant near their residence, and the victim chased them with a stick and assaulted him despite his attempt to escape, but he stumbled and fell to the ground, so the second accused tried to flee the place but the victim continued to assault and beat him, so the first stabbed him with a knife and fled to his residence. .

The second suspect confessed that he fled from the place where he saw the victim while he was chasing the first suspect, and that the latter came to his residence, where the suspect’s brother lived, and asked them to help him escape from the country after stabbing the victim.

The two suspects confessed that they helped the first to flee through a land border exit, but they were all arrested before reaching the borders.

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