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Sharjah unveils luxurious gold collections, international artifacts


E-scooter and bicycle made by 24-carat gold plates displayed at the festival in Sharjah.

The 53rd Watch & Jewellery Middle East Show (WJMES) is in full swing at Expo Centre Sharjah, offering visitors a remarkable opportunity to explore one of the largest collections of gold and jewellery in the country and the wider region.

The exhibition stands out with its exquisite display of the rarest and finest gold jewellery, drawing inspiration from Emirati and Arab heritage, as well as showcasing international and local designs.

With exclusive pieces of the highest quality jewellery, gold adornments, and unique diamonds, the event features over 500 exhibitors representing major companies and renowned local and international brands, all within the 53rd edition of the exhibition, which concludes on Sunday.

One of the standout attractions at the event is the world's tallest shivering, inspired by ancient Emirati heritage and crafted entirely from pure gold, measuring an impressive length of 2.2 metres with a price tag of Dhs1.3 million ($350,000).

Additionally, there's a remarkable collection of rare Egyptian artefacts plated with 24-carat gold, valued at Dhs4 million ($ 1m), as well as scooters and bicycles adorned with 24-carat gold plates, priced at Dhs3 million.

The exhibition dazzles with its diverse range of gold jewellery, featuring unique designs that draw inspiration from Arab and Emirati heritage. Salem Al Shueibi Jewellery, a prominent participant in the exhibition, showcases over 60,000 pieces across an expansive 1,200-square-meter area. Its collection includes heritage gold in 21-carat and 18-carat white gold, along with a dedicated section for diamond-studded Arab gold.

In addition to the local companies, the exhibition also hosts the latest fashion products and lines of jewellery, gemstones, pearls, and jewellery from leading international companies hailing from India, the United Kingdom, the United States of America, Russia, China, Singapore, and Thailand.

The Italian pavilion, in particular, features over 41 companies and highlights some of the most distinguished Italian designers and names in the world of gold and jewellery.




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