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VIDEO: 'Dancing Santa' traffic enforcer brings cheer to Manila intersection


Traffic enforcer Ramiro Hinojas, dressed as Santa Claus as part of the festive season, directs vehicles along Macapagal Avenue in Pasay, Metro Manila on Tuesday. AFP

Gulf Today Report

"Dancing Santa" Ramiro Hinojas brought cheer to commuters and motorists at a busy intersection by showcasing his elaborate dance moves as he guides traffic flow in Manila, known for its notoriously gridlocked roads.

Hinojas said he struts in his Santa Claus costume to stay fit and "ease people's boredom" as they wait for traffic to move.

Hinojas, 57, said, “I think this is the only thing I can do while people are waiting so they do not get bored. At least they get to see something unique.

"I keep doing this because I need to exercise. If I don't exercise, I will feel weak. I have a lot of colleagues who passed away, they would always just stand here, not moving, so they got sick. I don't get sick because I get to exercise here."

He also said, "Some policemen only do this every day, they only move their hands. I needed to have a different style.

"It's okay, it's nice. I'm happy, he takes away my stress. He is good at guiding the traffic flow."

Jeremy JImenez, a motorist, said, "We are happy to see him dancing while we pass through. He looks like someone who doesn't have a problem. He's making people happy."

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