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Israel video shows 2 hostages at Shifa Hospital, Hamas says they were there for treatment


A videograb shows Israeli hostages at Al Shifa Hospital in Gaza.

Gulf Today Report

The Israeli army broadcast on its website a video clip that it said were of two hostages being taken to Al-Shifa Hospital in Gaza City after their detention on Oct.7, while Hamas said that the two hostages were taken to receive treatment in the hospital as a result of the Israeli bombing.

The army and intelligence service said in a statement, “What was found proves that the Hamas organization used the Al-Shifa Hospital Complex on October 7th as basic infrastructure.”

He said that in the footage on the day of the kidnapping, from 10:42 to 11:01 a.m, two kidnappers, a Thai citizen and a Nepalese citizen, appear surrounded by Hamas gunmen.

Army spokesman Daniel Hagari said in a press conference: “Here you can see Hamas holding a hostage inside. They are taking him to the hospital. Adding that the army has not yet been able to determine the location of the two hostages.

A member of the Hamas political bureau, Izzat Al-Rishq, commented on Saturday on the Israeli statements regarding the presence of traces of hostage-taking in Al-Shifa Hospital in Gaza, saying: “Many prisoners were transferred to Al-Shifa Hospital in order to receive treatment and undergo surgical operations, especially after some of them were injured as a result of Israeli bombing.”

He added, “We risked fighters to guarantee the prisoners the best possible treatment in Gaza Strip hospitals, and we published many pictures about the incident.”

Al-Rashq accused the Israeli officials, as well as the Americans who cover them and are their partners in the crime, of fabricating justifications for the attack on Al-Shifa Hospital and others, stressing that these are completely false justifications.



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