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580 parks, beaches and public transport buses are provided with free Wi-Fi in Abu Dhabi


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Emadeddine Khalil, Staff Reporter

The Department of Municipalities and Transport in Abu Dhabi has provided free internet service for the public in 580 locations, including parks, beaches and public transport buses in the emirate.

It has also transformed six parks in the emirate into smart parks equipped with modern technologies using sustainable Internet of Things devices to enhance and improve the quality of living in the emirate and the efficiency of services offered to the public.

“The internet service is available through the free “Hala Wi-Fi” network in cooperation with telecommunications service providers in the UAE, with a view to improving the digital infrastructure and enhancing its experience, as well as providing a broadband public Wi-Fi coverage in various locations in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi to raise Abu Dhabi's smart city ranking,” the Department added.

It indicated that the locations, where the free Internet service is available include 478 in Abu Dhabi city, distributed in 17 parks, two beaches and 459 public transport buses, in addition to 78 in Al Ain city distributed in 11 parks and 67 public buses, along with 24 locations in Al Dhafra region, distributed in 14 parks and 10 public buses.

The the parks and beaches that are provided with free Wi-Fi in Abu Dhabi city are 'Zafarana Park, Family 1, Family 2, Al Nahyan, Sharia, Corniche, Old Airport, Khalidiyah Park, Dalma Park, Sheikh Hazza Mosque (Electra), Oasis, Al Wathba, Al Bahia, Al Khatem, Al Rahba, New Shahama, Al Rabdan, Al Bateen Beach and Al Fannah Swimming Pool'.

Parks with free Wi-Fi in Al Ain include Al Wadi Park, Al Wagan Family Park, Al Zahir, Al Qu'a, Al Hayer, Salama, Al Tuba, Al Jahili, Hili Recreation, Hili Archaeological Park, and Green Mubazzarah.

The parks with free Wi-Fi in Al Dhafra region include Mirfa Public Park, Baynouna (Madinat Zayed), Sheikha Salama Bint Butti Park (Madinat Zayed), National Park (Miraf), Mughira (Miraf), Public Park of Sila, Al Shabhana, Public Park of Dalma, Zayed Al Khair (Ghayathi), Women & Children (Ghayathi), Al Shamal (Ghayathi), Liwa, Publci park of Madinat Zayed, Small Garden plot 5 (Mirfa).

The Department explained that by the beginning of the next year 2024, it would complete transformation of six parks into smart parks, including three parks in Abu Dhabi city, two parks in Al Ain and one in Al Dhafra region. All parks in the emirate will be transformed into smart parks in subsequent phases, the Department added.

Each smart park is equipped with 600 smart sensors and cameras with modern technologies that help park visitors know number and places available for parking in the park, crowd proportion, and others. In addition, they help the park management and decision-makers track all services in terms of following up the most groups visiting the park, measuring temperatures, scheduling irrigation and cleaning timings and other services supported by AI technologies to improve the visitor experience in Abu Dhabi Parks.

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