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UAE Council for Fatwa launches Abu Dhabi Charter for Scientific Developments


This photo shows a spectacular view of the Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque, one of the larges mosques in the world. File/AFP

The UAE Council for Fatwa has announced the launch of the Abu Dhabi Charter for Scientific Developments; and the Emirates Global Prize for Fatwa Studies and Ijtihad' (Independent Opinion).

The announcements were made at the conclusion of the Second International Conference for the UAE Council for Fatwa. The two-day event kicked off in Abu Dhabi  under the patronage of Sheikh Abdullah Bin Zayed Al Nahyan, Minister of Foreign Affairs.

More than 160 experts and specialists in Islamic and natural sciences, including muftis, lawyers, doctors, engineers, academics, thinkers, astronomers, and astronauts, representing 50 countries participated in the event.

The Abu Dhabi Charter for Scientific Developments is directed towards Fatwa institutions and bodies specialising in Fatwa and Islamic Shari'a.

It advocates for the unification of efforts, the exchange of expertise, and the identification and formulation of the most accurate possible perspectives on scientific advancements, with the aim of achieving a religiously sound and balanced conceptualization that aligns with the challenges and changes of the modern world.

In the meantime, the award addresses outstanding Fatwa institutions and research centres working in the field of Islamic Iftaa. It is launched in line with the UAE's strategic vision and plans to deliver its future and enhance the status of scientific research.

The award aims to encourage official Fatwa institutions to compete positively in the field of fatwa research and studies, enable scientific research and serious studies in developing the Iftaa system, and enhance its contribution to development areas.  It also seeks to promote human values and consolidate the principles of moderation and tolerance in the development of Fatwa.


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