Voters flock to polling centres on main day for FNC elections 2023 - GulfToday

Voters flock to polling centres on main day for FNC elections 2023

FNC elections

Emiratis cast their vote for Federal National Council elections. File photo

The voting process began this morning, 7th October, on the main election day of the 2023 Federal National Council (FNC) elections via remote voting from inside and outside the country.

Electronic voting is taking place in 24 polling centers across the country, amidst remarkable turnout from members of electoral colleges to cast their votes. The voting process started at 8am and will last until 8pm.

Early voting for this year's FNC elections took place for two days, October 4 to 5.

The National Elections Committee (NEC) was keen to provide all the capabilities that ensure the highest standards of accuracy, transparency and integrity of the electoral process, and at the same time ensure a better conduct of all voting processes on the main election day.

Polling centers at the state level have seen notable turnout of voters since the beginning of the voting process, which signifies the awareness and national responsibility among citizens of the importance of political participation and parliamentary work in the country.

Women, youth, and people of determination have demonstrated enthusiastic interaction and effective participation in the electoral process.




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