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Gang of 12 jailed and fined for theft in Dubai


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Mohammed Yaseen, Staff Reporter

The Dubai Criminal Court sentenced a gang of 12 Africans to three years in jail to be followed by deportation and fined them Dhs2 million and $1,000 or equivalent amount in local currency on theft charges.

The defendants stole the same amount from a company after storming it and threatening to assault and kill its owner and others. 

The case dates back to December last year when the owner of a company was inside the company with his son and another person, and was taken by surprise by the defendants storming the company and threatening him with knives and other cold weapons that were in their possession.

The victim stated that some individuals stormed his company where one of them threatened to kill his son with a knife that was in his possession if he would not hand his money over to him.

He resisted the defendants and pulled his son from one of them, he added, noting that his son hid inside the water closet but one of the defendants broke its door open.

The other defendants assaulted the victims and threatened to kill them if they would not tell where the key to the company’s safe was.

The victim had to hand the key to the safe over to them and they stole Dhs2 million and $1,000 before they tied the victims and fled away.

A policeman stated in the investigation that a team of detectives gathered inferences from the scene of the incident, checked the surveillance cameras and managed to identify the defendants.

The team arrested one of the defendants with a bag containing knives and other cold weapons, $1,000 and Dhs5,000 in his possession.

On interrogation, the defendant confessed to having planned to rob the company after monitoring it for a period of time. He led the team to the other defendants who were arrested and confessed to having taken part in the theft.

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