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Worker wins Dhs100,000 compensation for injury sustained during work in Abu Dhabi


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Abdulrahman Saeed, Staff Reporter

Abu Dhabi Family, Civil and Administrative Cases Court obligated a company owner and a project engineer to pay Dhs100,000 in compensation to a worker who got injured during the work as a result of the company’s negligence.

Worker fell from a height of 8 metres while installing scaffolding, which resulted in permanent disability to his body making him unable to work.

In details, a worker filed a lawsuit against the company he worked for, its owner, and the project engineer, requesting to obligate them to pay him Dhs200,000 as a material and moral compensation for all the damages he incurred, and a legal interest of 12% from the date of the claim until full payment, as well as obligating them to pay the fees and expenses of the lawsuit and lawyer’s fees.

He also requested that a forensic lab doctor be assigned to examine him, determine the extent of his injury, whether it resulted in a permanent disability, and the percentage of disability.

The appellant said that while he was working installing scaffolding for the company, he fell from a height of 8 metres, which led to injuries shown in the medical report.

He added that a criminal case was filed over the incident which convicted the company owner and the project engineer and fined them Dhs5,000.

The criminal ruling was not appealed and has become final.

The appointed expert’s report proved that the appellant’s injury had stabilized, but it affected the left upper limb, which required surgical intervention, permanent disability of about 55%, in addition to affecting the left lower limb, specifically in the left shin bone, which constitutes a permanent disability of about 45%.

The court explained that these injuries and the permanent disabilities they caused constitute damage to the appellant’s body, and reduce his chances of obtaining work in the future, and therefore he was entitled to financial compensation for them, since he was still 23 years of age.

The court estimated compensation for all material and moral damages in the amount of Dhs100,000 and obligated the company owner and the project engineer to pay it jointly.

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