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Applicants for new minister's post hail Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid as ‘supporter of youth’


Nouf Al Kathiri.

Maitha Al Ketbi / Sheikha Naqbi, Staff Reporters

No sooner His Highness Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Matoum, Vice President and Prime Minister of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai, tweeted about seeking a competent, knowledgeable and sincere minister of youth in the UAE government, than many Emirati young men and women applied to the Cabinet’s designated site. Others were preparing their files for subsequent submission.

Talking to Al Khaleej, a number of applicants affirmed that the wise leadership is the primary supporter of the youth to enable them to take up high positions in a move unseen in any other country in the world for building the future of the homeland.

The wise leadership and the UAE government do not hesitate to provide the appropriate environment for the advancement of the youth and unleash their energies and abilities, they said.

This reflected a vision that anticipated the future and was stemmed from the saying of the late Sheikh Zayed Bin Sultan Al Nahyan, may Allah have mercy on him: “Youth is the real wealth, and it is the nation's shield and sword that protects it from ambitions of the greedy. A country’s greatest investment lies in building generations of educated and knowledgeable youth.”

For the first time in history, the UAE announced a vacancy for the position of Minister of Youth and asked anyone who believes to be competent to apply to the Cabinet to fill it. No government in the world has ever announced vacancies for the position of minister.

Nada Al Hammadi said: “As soon as I heard HH Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid’s announcement, I immediately submitted my application and CV to the designated e-mail. The wise leadership is the primary supporter of young people, empowering them to assume high positions that no country in the world has ever seen. It believes in them to build the future of the nation and anticipate the future.”Emirati-youths- Fatima Al Kaabi (left) and Nada Al Hammadi.

“I feel proud that the UAE allows all young men and women to run for the position of Minister of Youth, which confirms that we have a wise leadership that trusts its youth and their abilities to anticipate the future and be always the best. I wish success to me and to all other applicants,” she added.

Fatima Al Kaabi said: “Following HH Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid’s announcement, I consulted my parents, who encouraged me to apply most urgently. Indeed, I did not hesitate to attach my CV and wrote information about myself and my modest achievements. I then thanked the government for supporting the youth and giving them opportunities because it trusts us and our capabilities and we hope we live up to this trust.”

“We aspire to return the favor to our nation with this position. We all aspire to be an example and a role model for the ambitious and creative Emirati youth who contribute to achieving the government’s vision of the youth sector and its issues. Our first and last goal is to play an effective role in the society and we are keen to raise the country’s name high in local and international forums,” she added.


Jassim Mohammed Al Sharqi said that he aspires to fill this position and that he is preparing his file for submission. He pointed out that the government’s interest in the position of Minister of Youth stems from his vital role in representing the youth, serving the nation and following up on their issues and interests.

Nouf Al Kathiri said: “We are truly in the land of the impossible. I received many messages after the news was announced, asking me eagerly to run for the position.

 “I am preparing my file for submission. I am a young woman like all the youth of this country, full of ambition and enthusiasm and eager to make a positive change in our world. This opportunity arouses in me great passion and eagerness, so I know that it is an opportunity to leave my mark on the path of national development that is considered a precedent in history,” she said.

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