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Drunken monkeys attack man, push him off a cliff in Thailand

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A 44-year-old Thai man was violently attacked by 10 drunken macaques when he was walking on a road that passes the top of a cliff in the Ranong area, Khao Niwet, Thailand.

The gang of monkeys attacked him and pushed him off the cliff that descends 50 metres to the nearest road.

The man suffered several wounds and was bleeding profusely.

Locals attributed this attack to the drunkenness of the monkeys, who used to steal bottles of liquor from a store in the area, according to media reports.

According to the media, the monkeys not only forced him to leave the road, but also followed him with their attacks all the way to the ground, and only with the intervention of a car driver who was passing by chance in the area prevented them from attacking him any further.

The incident was reported at Nasil Police Station.

A medical team rushed to the site.

The man was taken to Sawai Hospital in Ranong, Khao Niwet, Thailand, where he is now receiving treatment.

A medical team is monitoring the man’s health because of the severity of his injuries as he fell 50 meters down a cliff to escape the attack by a gang of monkeys.

Police are investigating the incident and measures will be taken to limit the availability of liquor in the area. 



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