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Big relief for Overseas Pakistanis: Foreign tourists, expats allowed tax-free use of mobile phones for 4 months

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To provide big relief to expatriates and foreign tourists visiting the country, the government of Pakistan has introduce the innovative Online Temporary Mobile Phone Registration System.

This service aims to streamline the registration ans usage process of personal cell phones for expats or tourists staying in Pakistan for up to four months (120 days) from their arrival date at any airports, exempting them from taxes.

This was revealed by Prime Minister of Pakistan Shahbaz Sharif during a ceremony in Islamabad. Shahbaz stressed the need of making efforts to facilitate the Pakistani community abroad with the introduction of different information technology-related initiatives.

Addressing the ceremony of the launch of “Online Temporary Mobile Registration System for the overseas Pakistanis and Foreign Nationals,” Shahbaz termed the move a good step to facilitate millions of Pakistanis living abraod, by enabling them to get registration of their cell phones during their visit to the country without paying any taxes or duties.

The PM further said that the facility would enable the overseas Pakistanis to use their mobile phones for a period of four months after registration on their visit to the country.

Shahbaz also advised the Pakistan Telecommunication Authority  (PT) to streamline the process and hinted that a financial package for the overseas Pakistanis would be announced by the government in the coming days.

Speaking on the occasion, Minister for IT and Communication Syed Aminul Haque highlighted the efforts of the ministry in the introduction of the facility under the vision of the prime minister for a digital Pakistan.

For the first time in Pakistan’s history, he said, the smartphones were imported by the country. A member of PTA apprised that the online facilitation system for overseas Pakistanis would be equipped with three linkages.

The overseas Pakistanis, students, foreign tourists and labourers could avail the facility for a period of 120 days, Haque added.

By implementing this user-friendly online platform, the government of Pakistan aims to enhance the overall experience of overseas Pakistani and foreign tourist, making their visit to the country more convenient and enjoyable.


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