Pakistani TikToker Sundal Khattak arrested in Hareem Shah’s private video leaks case - GulfToday

Pakistani TikToker Sundal Khattak arrested in Hareem Shah’s private video leaks case


Hareem Shah (L) and Sundal Khattak. File photo

Gulf Today Report

Pakistan's famous TikToker Sundal Khattak was arrested in social media celebrity Hareem Shah private video leaks case, reports said on Monday.

Local media reports suggest that the Federal Investigators Agency (FIA) detained Sundal Khattak after the court dismissed her bail in the case.

The Islamabad court has also rejected the plea of Sundal Khattak seeking orders for FIA to register a case against Hareem Shah, who she claims defamed her on social media.

Special Judge Central Islamabad heard the video leaks case filed by Hareem Shah, during which she and the suspect, Sundal Khattak, appeared in the court along with their lawyers.

Sundal Khattak held that she did not make or leak Hareem Shah’s videos. She also accused Hareem Shah of using social media to defame her and that she had been receiving life and acid attack threats, demanding protection. The court directed her to file an application with the local police station in whose jurisdiction she was threatened.

In March this year, Hareem Shah had issued a statement after her private videos went viral on social media. In a video, she asserted that the videos were 'leaked' by the women she considered friends.

Hareem shared that Sundal and Ayesha Naz, the friends she had lived with for a period of time, were the culprits behind the viral videos. "We used to spend ample time together; we had lived in the same house for a period. So, naturally, they had access to my mobile phone and knew my passwords," Hareem stated in the video.

She further revealed that she had filed a complaint with the FIA against Ayesha Naz. "FIA didn't take action against her but I had my doubts. Ayesha had also informed my other friends that she will leak my videos," Hareem said, adding, "But I don't really care about these videos."

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