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Angry lawyer sues client for not paying fees in UAE


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Abdulrahman Saeed, Staff Reporter

Al Ain Court of First Instance obligated a person to pay Dhs32,246 to a lawyer, with whom he had contracted to represent him in 3 different cases.

The lawyer filed a lawsuit against a client, requesting that he be obligated to pay him Dhs32,246, and the remaining amount of the agreed upon fees.

The court clarified that it was proved that the client had contracted with the lawyer according to three contracts to represent him in court, and that the lawyer stated in his lawsuit that he paid the fees of the cases in which he represented him, but the client refused to pay the amount contained in the contracts and lawsuit fees amounting to Dhs32,246.

The lawyer also submitted proof of the paid lawsuit fees, consequently, the court obliged the client to pay the lawyer the amounts agreed upon in the three contracts.

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