VIDEO: Saudi man cries during ‘daughter's graduation’ ceremony whom he adopted after she was left at hospital - GulfToday

VIDEO: Saudi man cries during ‘daughter's graduation’ ceremony whom he adopted after she was left at hospital


A combo image shows Sultan Abu Ras with his daughter Samira.

Gulf Today Report

A video clip of a Saudi father celebrating his daughter’s graduation ceremony at King Khalid University in the Asir region went viral on social media.

The elderly father is shown embracing his daughter while he is sitting on a chair, while the daughter is carrying a bouquet of roses next to him.

The video of the elderly man with his daughter spread like a wildfire on social media because of the touching story.

Saudi local media revealed the reason for Sultan Abu Ras’s crying when his daughter, Samira, graduated, as he had adopted her in 2001 after she was left in a hospital in Sarat Abidah Governorate, southern Saudi Arabia, where he used to work.

Sultan said, "I used to work in the hospital as head of the internal and nursing departments, and one of my job duties was to receive the orphans who come from different places, in order to care for them and deal with them in strict confidentiality."

He added that among the children he supervised in the care throughout his work was the infant Samira, who was born in the hospital, but her mother did not take her after birth due to domestic circumstances that she did not disclose.

After 9 months of her stay in the hospital nursery, the little girl began to enter into an unstable psychological state, so he went to work early to play with her and take her out, but as soon as she returned to the nursery she was sad.

This prompted him later to submit a request to the hospital director to agree to take care of Samira in his home for a period of three weeks until her psychological condition stabilized, so that she would be with his wife and children.

He pointed out that the child had improved a lot during that period with his family, but she relapsed again after returning to the hospital.

He said, "The doctors informed me at the time that her condition had relapsed again and in a stronger way, which prompted me after that and urgently to submit official papers for her care completely to the competent authorities."

The 22-year-old girl lived with him, until she got married a year ago and moved to her husband's house, then graduated later, and they were brought together by the impressive scene shared by the users of social networking sites.

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