VIDEO: A ‘psychopath’ man throws a cat from the 9th floor of a building in Iraq - GulfToday

VIDEO: A ‘psychopath’ man throws a cat from the 9th floor of a building in Iraq


A combo image shows the cat lying at the entrance of the building in Baghdad.

Gulf Today Report

A man pushed a cat from the ninth floor of an apartment building in Iraq, killing the feline creature instantly.

The shocking and heartbreaking video of the animal torture by the young psychopath sparked a wave of anger in Iraq.

A number of activists on social media published the horrific video showing a cat sitting on the edge of a balcony in a tall building in Baghdad, before a young man came and pushed it from the ledge while he was filming the heinous crime.

This prompted many Iraqis to demand that the authorities prosecute this "reckless" and "sick" person, and punish him for his pleasure in torturing animals.

The clip shows the videographer zoomed in to show the cat's face clearly breathing its last breath.

Activist and political analyst Shaho Al-Qara Daghi said, in a tweet on his Twitter account, "We hope for a speedy trial for this sick person who enjoys these behaviors."

It is noteworthy that Iraqi law punishes the killing of animals, as Article 482 of the Penal Code stipulates the penalty of imprisonment and a fine for killing animals.

However, these penalties are often not applied, because prosecutions do not take place in the first place except in rare cases.

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