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VIDEO: Homeless Algerian man saves a woman from drowning in Belgium


A videograb shows the Nader Bishkat holding onto the woman in a river in Liege, Belgium.

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An Algerian young man saved an old woman after she fell into a river in the Belgian city of Liege.

Nader Bishkat, 26, jumped into the river and grabbed the woman, and made sure her head was above the water, until the rescuers arrived, who pulled them out, amid praise from the large crowd who had gathered to monitor the situation.

The social media users shared the video clip that documented the rescue operation, and expressed their admiration for the courage of the Algerian youth who risked his life to save a woman he did not know and refused to abandon her despite the cold water, until help arrived.

Nader recounted, "I was walking with one of my friends after I left the mosque, when I saw a woman moving in the water, and alerted my friend to what was happening, but he thought she was swimming and did not believe my words."

He added, "I followed my feelings and jumped into the river, and when I reached her, she began to sink. I grabbed her and swam to the ledge until the rescuers arrived.”

He said, “They praised my courage and asked me to give them an address to contact me, but I told them that I was homeless."

Nader Bishkat revealed that he emigrated to Europe illegally in 2021, and arrived in Spain, from there he moved to Paris and Lille in France, before shifting to Belgium last March, according to the Belgian media.

The Algerian young man received many messages of praise after his story went viral on social media platforms, while a number of Belgians called for his assistance and legalisation of his residential status in Belgium, in appreciation of his courage.

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