Smokers in Egypt consume $1.7b worth of cigarettes in nine months - GulfToday

Smokers in Egypt consume $1.7b worth of cigarettes in nine months


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According to new semi-official statistics, total cigarette sales in Egypt during the past nine months amounted to about 55 billion Egyptian pounds ($1.7 billion), with an increase of 4 billion pounds over the same period in 2022.

The Eastern Tobacco Company, said that the total revenues from selling cigarettes and smoking items, including taxes, during that period amounted to 54.827 billion pounds, compared to 51.466 billion in the same period of fiscal year 2022.

It further noted that net sales amounted to 14.609 billion pounds, compared to 12.781 billion pounds in the same period, with a growth rate of 14%, and that the total profit amounted to 6.862 billion pounds, compared to 5.723 billion pounds, an increase of 20% over the same period of the fiscal year 2022.

The successive increase in the prices of local and imported cigarettes in Egypt did not prevent Egyptians from smoking, as the number of smokers there is estimated at about 18 million.

Semi-official reports said that about 42% of Egyptian families have at least one smoker.


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