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VIDEO: Turkish woman brings her goat along to vote in the Presidential runoff


A combo image shows a woman casting her vote in Turkey's presidential runoff with her goat at a polling station on Sunday.

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A Turkish woman brought her goat along to vote in the tight Presidential runoff on Sunday. A video of the incident has been doing the rounds on social media platforms.

Some users took the bringing of the animal lightly, but others have criticised the woman which sparked a wave of controversy on social media.

The pet goat seemed to follow its owner wherever she goes.

The polling station officials were stunned by the presence of a goat, which was quietly listening to and standing by its owner.

A second clip showed the goat following her way out of the station and onto the streets.

Another video of a newly married bride and groom descending on a polling station to cast their vote has gone viral.

The video showed the bride in her wedding gown handing her papers to the polling officials before going into the booth. The groom followed suit. 

Turkish polling stations closed on Sunday in a historic runoff election that could extend President Recep Tayyip Erdogan's two decades of rule until 2028 or is unseated by a challenger who has promised to restore a more democratic society.

Unofficial results from Turkey’s state news agency show Erdogan ahead in runoff with 43% of ballot boxes counted.

Results are expected to start coming in by Sunday evening.

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