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Dubai Police recover Dhs1.2m stolen from a company in Naif


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Somaya Saad, Staff Reporter

Naif police returned Dhs1,200,000 to a company within hours after a gang of Asians stole the amount.The gangsters told the employees of the company that they were policemen, closed the door quickly, seized the money, phones, laptops and fled the place.

Major General Dr Tariq Mohammed Tahlak, Director of Naif Police Station, said that the station received a report from the operations room alerting that Dhs1,200,000 had been stolen from a company. The patrols near the report place were contacted and they headed to the scene in record time.

Dr Tahlak indicated that the company's employees gave the police information about the descriptions of the perpetrators, the surveillance cameras in the building were checked, and the criminal data was analyzed with extreme accuracy and professionalism, so the police arrested the perpetrators quickly.

The company's employees said that 6 people rang the doorbell, and one of them spoke the Emirati dialect, telling them that they were policemen, so they opened the door to discover that they were Asians, who stole money and some equipment and fled then place.

The criminal investigation team reviewed the cameras in the area, and continued the search until they located the suspects. The first suspect was arrested at his residence, and within minutes the second was arrested in Al Satwa area. The team raided the residence of the third suspect in Al Bidda area, and the two other suspects were arrested as well.

Lieutenant Colonel Yasser Al Hashemi, Head of the Criminal Records Department, said that the speedy response and the tight work plan prevented the suspects from leaving the area. He also said that the perpetrators were Asians who were unemployed, and that the full amount was found with them.

Upon interrogation, the suspects confessed to their crime, and were referred to the Public Prosecution on charges of theft under duress.

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