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Abu Dhabi Family Court obligates woman to return vehicle to ex-husband


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Aya El DeeB, Staff Reporter

The Abu Dhabi Court for Family and Civil and Administrative Cases obligated a woman to transfer the ownership of a vehicle from her name to the name of her ex-husband .

The ex-husband had filed a lawsuit in which he indicated that he had registered the vehicle in his divorcee’s name during their marriage because there was a ruling to seize his money, but after the divorce she refused to return the vehicle to him.

The complainant demanded in his lawsuit to obligate his divorcee to return the vehicle, or pay him Dhs30,000, in the event that she had sold it, and a legal interest of 12% from the date of filing the lawsuit until full payment.

The appellee filed a lawsuit demanding that her ex-husband pay her Dhs10,000 in compensation, while the court decided to direct the complementary oath to the appellant, to swear that he was the original owner of the vehicle who paid its full value and installments from his own money.

He also swore that his divorcee did not pay that value, and that he transferred its ownership to her name to avoid seizure.

After he took the oath, and the court indicated that the complainant's ownership of the vehicle was proved, and accordingly it obligated the appellee to transfer its ownership in the name of her ex-husband through legal procedures.

It also obligated her to pay the fees and expenses of the lawsuit, and rejected the legal interest and the lawsuit filed by her due to not paying the fees.



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