Abu Dhabi Police seize 2.25 million Captagon tablets in fruit boxes - GulfToday

Abu Dhabi Police seize 2.25 million Captagon tablets in fruit boxes


The seized 'Captagon' tablets and gang members are in police custody.

Gulf Today, Staff Reporter

The Abu Dhabi Police General Command arrested a gang of 3 people who tried to smuggle 2.25 million tablets of the drug "Captagon" and hide them inside boxes containing dried apricot fruits, before proceeding to smuggle them to a neighbouring country.

Brigadier General Taher Gharib Al Dhaheri, Director of the Anti-Narcotics Directorate in the Criminal Security Sector at Abu Dhabi Police, revealed that the operation was crowned with success after implementing a tight security plan to track the movements of the suspects in cooperation and coordination with the competent authorities in the UAE.

He explained that the anti-drug team, following all legal procedures, arrested the accused and seized boxes of the Captagon tablets, which they were planning to market inside the country and smuggle the rest to a neighbouring country.

One million tablets of Captagon and the tools used in the preparation, processing and packaging of narcotic substances for trafficking and promotion were seized.

He pointed to the professional capabilities of the Abu Dhabi Police in confronting drug dealers, who do not hesitate to use various criminal methods to spread their poison to society and target young people, pointing to the importance of partnership and cooperation with the relevant institutions and various segments of society to prevent drug dangers, stressing that every person must embody The concept of positive citizenship by not hesitating to report any information related to drug issues.

He considered the number of seizures a positive indication of the efforts of the Abu Dhabi Police in curbing drug trafficking, expressing his pride in the fruitful efforts made by the forces, and their high readiness and speed of response in cooperation and response to the scourge of drugs, and the protection of society, especially youth, from its deadly effects.

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