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3 Dubai Airport workers jailed for stealing items from passengers' luggage


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Mohammed Yaseen, Staff Reporter

As many as three workers at the Dubai Airport stole money and jewellery from inside the passengers' luggage before one of them failed to go through the airport gate with the stolen items.

One of the security officials discovered the crime of the suspects and referred them to the Public Prosecution, and then to the Criminal Court in Dubai, where they were imprisoned for 3 months, followed by deportation after serving their sentences, and fined them jointly Dhs50,000.

The Appellate Court upheld the ruling.

The details of the case date back to September 2022, when an airport security official discovered metals and money inside a cleaner’s bag when he passed through the staff inspection device.

After searching the bag, the official discovered inside it a ring, a golden necklace and money.

On being interrogated, he confessed that he connived with two other porters inside the airport to help them smuggle what they stole out of the airport and then divide the money among themselves.

He added that he agreed with the other suspects to leave what they stole in a specific place inside the wash room, where he would go and take the stolen items and put them in his bag to take them out of the airport.

They then used to sell the stolen items and divide the money among themselves.

The two other suspects were arrested and on being interrogated, they confessed that they connived to steal the contents of travellers’ baggage to sell them.

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