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Jemima shares her ex-husband Imran Khan’s painting on a truck on UK highway


Jemima spotted the Imran Khan's full-size painting on the back of a truck on the M25. Twitter photo

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The social media plays great role in not only educating but also entertaining the public on every aspect.

Not only politicians, celebrities but the common people also want fame after sharing their photos and videos on different platform of social media.

Recently, Jemima Khan, British film producer, shared a photo of her former husband and Pakistan Tehrik-e-Insaf (PTI) Chairman Imran Khan on her Twitter account.

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The photo of Imran Khan's painting on a truck at the M25 in the United Kingdom, went viral and many users praised her love for her ex-husband.

While travelling on a highway in Britain, Jemima spotted the PTI chief's full-size painting on the back of a truck.

She took two photos, one wider shot and another one a closer one, of the painting of the truck back side and shared it on her Twitter account.

“Just spotted on the M25 (in the UK),” Jemima wrote in her tweet.

Slightly above the PTI chief’s painting, the truck also featured a verse from the Holy Quran “Iyyaka Na’budu wa Iyyaka Nasta’een (to You we worship and You we take refuge in,)” which Imran Khan is often heard reciting ahead of his public rallies in Pakistan.

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As soon as Jemima tweeted the images, several social media users also shared photos of the Pakistan’s former PM spotted in different countries on vehicles.

"On M6, two weeks ago btw, what a proud moment for Kasim & Suleman," wrote a Pakistan-British journalist named Ihtisham Ul Haq.

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Another Twitter user mentioned that Imran is popular around the globe and shared a video of a truck bearing his images in Canada.


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