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VIDEO: Emirati astronaut Al Neyadi shows how body weight is measured in space


A videograb shows Al Neyadi explaining how in zero-gravity astronauts check their weight.

Syed Shayaan Bakht, Staff Reporter

Emirati astronaut Sultan Al Neyadi has shared a video detailing how body weight is measured in space.

Al Neyadi explained in a video how in zero-gravity astronauts check their weight using a device called the Body Mass Measurement Device (BMMD) aboard the International Space Station (ISS).

The Emirati astronaut said on Twitter, “On the International Space Station, weight is not measured like we measure it on Earth. For this, we use a special device called BMMD (Body Mass Measurement Device).

“This device measures the mass of the body and the amount of its vibration.

But regardless of our actual weight, we feel like we're floating because gravity is almost non-existent here…”

Al Neyadi also said that it is essential for astronauts to maintain their general health in space.

Al Neyadi also shared a video showing him getting ready to run on a treadmill at the station.

Neyadi could be seen floating inside the ISS and putting on a pair of trainers with great difficulty. 

As there is no gravity, so putting on shoes without any reference to gravity affects the balance, which makes it a little difficult to do simple tasks on ISS as compared to planet earth.

Al Neyadi said on Twitter, “Unlike on Earth, strapping in for a run on the space station can be quite the adventure. Here's a video of me embracing the unique challenges that come with working out on the ISS…”

On March 10, Al Neyadi said, “On Earth, exercising is important. In space, it's vital. Aboard the International Space Station, we exercise for 2.5 hours every day to avoid muscle atrophy and bone loss triggered by microgravity.”

Astronaut Al Neyadi and his Crew-6 colleagues have started to work on their tasks aboard the ISS.


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