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VIDEO: Climate activists pour liquid carbon into Rome’s landmark fountain


A police officer enters the ''Fontana della Barcaccia'' (Fountain of the Boat) to remove an environmental activist during a protest action at the Piazza di Spagna in Rome, on Saturday. AP

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Environmental activists threw black liquid into the waters of a Roman fountain in Piazza di Spagna in the Italian capital, Rome, during a protest in which they spoke of the "end of the world" scenario.

Last Generation activists poured a vegetable-based carbon liquid into La Barcaccia fountain, which dates back to the seventeenth century, before police stopped them.

The fountain, which takes the shape of a boat, was designed by the famous Italian sculptor Pietro Bernini.

The organization indicated in a statement that throwing the black liquid into the water is “a warning of the apocalypse scenario that we are heading towards, by putting increasing pressure on the accelerating factor represented in the devastating droughts and floods that will end life on Earth.”

The activists began organizing peaceful but destructive protests in Italy last year, ahead of the general election, and aimed to urge politicians to make climate change a priority.

The protests in Italy are part of a series of moves by the organization across Europe to draw attention to the phenomenon of climate change.

Activists in the organization threw soup, mashed potatoes and washable paint at various heritage sites and art pieces inside museums.

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