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Woman fined, jailed over stealing beauty products from her workplace


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Mohammed Yaseen, Staff Reporter

An Arab woman, who was working for a beauty centre as a receptionist, sentenced to three months in prison and fined Dhs21,000 for stealing Botox injections and other beauty products from her workplace. The convict would be deported after serving the terms, the Dubai Criminal Court ordered. The stolen items valued at Dhs21,000, according to the beauty centre manager.

The convict intended to use these items for herself and her family’s members, the Court heard. The crime was discovered when the convict asked her colleague (doctor) at the centre to help her and her family’s members use the Botox injections, but out of the clinic. The doctor informed the manager about her colleague’s request, as she suspected that those items could be belonging to the clinic.

The manager then assigned a team of employees to conduct an inventory of the stock of products in the centre, where a shortage of materials estimated at Dhs21,000 was detected, the court heard. Footage of the surveillance cameras installed in the reception area showed the convict, who took advantage of place being empty of people, entering the storeroom of the beauty products and stealing some of them.

Accordingly, the center’s manager lodged a complaint with the police accusing the reception employee of theft and he presented the evidence. The police summoned the accused, and interrogated her, but she denied stealing any items from the centre, claiming that she had purchased the Botox injections and the other products. However, the investigations proved that the materials she possessed belonged to the beauty center for which she worked. Therefore, the Court found her guilty and issued the above-mentioned judgment.



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