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Fake groom costs a woman Dhs1.364 million in Abu Dhabi


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Aya Al Deeb, Staff Reporter

The Abu Dhabi Family, Civil and Administrative Cases Court obligated two women and a man to return to a woman Dhs1.364 million plus legal interest and to grant her Dhs20,000 as a compensation on fraud charges.

The defendants took the amount from the victim after deluding her via WhatsApp about a groom who wanted to marry her.

The victim filed a lawsuit in which she demanded that the defendants be obligated to return Dhs1.364 million plus a delayed interest at 5 per cent of the adjudicated amount from the date of filing the lawsuit until full settlement of the amount, provided that it would not exceed the adjudicated amount.

She also demanded the defendants to be obligated to pay her Dhs250,000 in compensation for the material and moral damages that she had befallen plus the incurred expenses and lawyer’s fees.

The documents showed that the defendants fraudulently used the WhatsApp to take the cash money for themselves after deluding the victim about a groom who would marry her. They communicated with the victim in his name and this prompted her to hand the money over to them.

The court ruled that the defendants be sentenced to three months in jail to be followed by deportation for the male defendant and ordered them to pay the incurred expenses, she said.

The victim emphasized that she sustained material damages by losing her money and having to pay for litigation procedures and moral damages as represented by her heartbreak, anguish, and derogation.

The court indicated that the verdict had become final and it was proved that the defendants had taken the complainant’s money, noting that the defendants did not provide the court with evidence of settling the amount and returning it to the complainant.

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