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VIDEO: Car flies in the air after loose wheel from pickup truck hits it on California highway

A videograb shows the car airborne after hitting the loose wheel on a California highway.

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A horrific accident happened on Highway 118 in California, when a car flew into the air because a tyre from another car entered under it.

The woman driving the car survived the incident with only minor injuries, which took place on March 25.

Anoop Khatra, UCLA Track and Field athlete shared the video on his Twitter.

Anoop wrote, “Witnessed and recorded the most INSANE car crash yesterday, you can see Autopilot also swerve and avoid the rogue tire for me $TSLA.”

Anoop was referring to Tesla when he mentions “Autopilot.”

The video showed a speeding pickup truck losing one of its tyres on Highway 118 in California.

The rolling tyre hits another car, Kia Soul, on the fast lane and lifts it up 10-12 feet in the air before crashing on the road.

The crash is no less than a scene from an action movie.

However, the woman driving the car sustained minor injuries.

The damaged car sits on Highway 118 in California.

The pickup truck with three wheels somehow maneuvered the vehicle to safety.

An investigation has been launched into the accident.

Social media users were quick to share their views on the accident.

One Twitter user said, “These people modifying trucks like that are risking lives… could have turned out much worse.”

Another wrote, “Would the truck driver expect to spend any time in jail? Reckless driving at least? Gross negligence?”

Tim Standridge said on Twitter, “By the grace of God, she walked away! Man what a freak crash!”

Another one said, “From acceleration standpoint, the worst bit is about a 10-12 foot fall onto concrete. The human ankle can take 6-8 feet p easily (we all did in elem. school), as they are sitting, a much better position to take it. Big issue then is the car crush—but that’s what safety regulations are for…”

A twitter user with the name “Jcpro2” wrote, “Straight out of final destination. Glad they made out safe. Insane.”

One user even offered to help and wrote, “Investigators will find that the truck had wheel spacers causing the wheel hub assembly to fail causing this to happen. I'm sure their insurance won't cover their medical expenses. How can we help?”

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