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VIDEO: Dogs show who is king after chasing lion away in Gujarat

A videograb shows the lion running away from dogs in Gujarat.

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This incident simply goes to prove the fact that size does not matter, the extent of your bravery does. In Gujarat, a pack of dogs mustered enough courage and strength to chase, hold your breath, the king of the jungle out of their sight in Gujarat.

The video was filmed by Indian Forest Service officer Susanta Nanda, who is famed for sharing interesting wildlife content.

In the video, a lion can be seen freely roaming around in a village before it is taken aback by the invasion of the dogs, who succeed in chasing away the majestic creature. The big cat soon runs towards a kine of cows standing nearby.

Posted a few hours ago, the video has collected over 8,000 views on Twitter, whose users registered their varied reactions.

A user commented, "The dogs very well know that it is wiser to keep a safe distance from the lion."

Another user wrote, "Unity is strength."

"King of the Streets vs King of the jungle," wrote the third.

Separately, Nanda shared a scary video of a King Cobra, leaving internet users intrigued.

In the video, a large King Cobra can be seen in an erect position, with its head raised while peeking over a muddy platform. King Cobra, one of the most venomous snakes in the world, is also among the longest venomous snakes.

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