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Court rejects woman's Dhs45,000 compensation plea for lack of evidence


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Aya El Deeb, Staff Reporter

The Abu Dhabi Court for Family and Civil and Administrative Cases rejected a lawsuit filed by a woman, in which she demanded that another woman pay her Dhs45,000, including Dhs25,000 for repairing her car and Dhs20,000 in compensation, after her car was subjected to scratches while parking in an entertainment area.

The plaintiff also demanded, according to the case papers, that the defendant be obligated to pay fees and expenses of the lawsuit.

She said that while her vehicle was parked in car parks in a recreational area in Abu Dhabi, the appellee caused damage to the vehicle which included several scratches in separate places, and that a criminal case was filed against her in which the court fined her Dhs3,000.

The court appointed an engineering expert specialising in cars, and assigned the plaintiff to pay his fees, but she did not within the deadline granted to her and did not appear to present any acceptable excuse for not paying the fees.

The court indicated that the complainant's demand required the assignment of an engineering expert specialising in cars to value the damages to the complainant's vehicle.

The court also affirmed that the documents submitted by the complainant were insufficient to assess the damages, and then the court rejected the lawsuit and obligated the complainant to pay fees and expenses.

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