VIDEO: Sheikh Sultan witnesses the first harvest of massive Sharjah wheat farm - GulfToday

VIDEO: Sheikh Sultan witnesses the first harvest of massive Sharjah wheat farm

Sheikh Sultan attends the first harvesting ceremony in Mleiha.

Gulf Today, Staff Reporter

His Highness Dr Sheikh Sultan Bin Mohammed Al Qasimi, Member of the Supreme Council and Ruler of Sharjah, confirmed that after laboratory and field experiments, we will reach a product called “Sharjah 1”, the finest type of wheat, “which the world will be proud of.”

The Ruler of Sharjah had sown the seeds at the 400-hectare farm in November 2022.

The seeds have borne the fruits and Sheikh Sultan went to see the first harvest of the land.

This came when Sheikh Sultan attended the harvest of the first phase of the wheat farm ‘Seven Sanabel’ in Mleiha.

Sheikh Sultan said: “The flour in the markets from the countries from which it was imported contains less than 11% of protein, and the Canadian variety that companies are proud of contains 14% of protein, while Sharjah wheat has protein in it that reaches 18%."

Sheikh Sultan also pointed out that development projects in region would continue, and they would not be limited to wheat cultivation only.

Rather, they will include many other crops, like vegetables, he added.

“We have started the vegetable cultivation since 2020. They are high-quality vegetables, free of toxins and pesticides, so that our children can live in peace,” Sheikh Sultan said.

“We see the spread of cancer diseases, which are all because of the toxins that increase the size and shape of the products, however they cause horrible damage to health, that is why we will continue cultivating our vegetables that are free of toxins,” he added.

Most of the imported dairy products contains preservatives, in addition to that they lack to important elements, which are extracted by the manufacturers to be used in other products.

“We are working on a cattle-breeding project with 1,000 cows of the “Friesian” species. They are all pregnant with females, so that their numbers will double in a year. We will establish a dairy factory for this large number, as well as for industries that depend on dairy products,’ Sheikh Sultan added.

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