Husband threatens wife with a 5-year-old Dhs215,000 cheque to force her to accept divorce in Abu Dhabi - GulfToday

Husband threatens wife with a 5-year-old Dhs215,000 cheque to force her to accept divorce in Abu Dhabi


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Aya El Deeb, Staff Reporter

The Abu Dhabi Court of First Instance acquitted a woman of a cheque of Dhs215,000 and obligated her ex-husband to return the cheque value to her, and cancelled it.

The woman filed a lawsuit stating that she issued the cheque to her ex-husband five years ago, to buy her a piece of land, but he did not and claimed that he tore it up.

She added that after disputes between them, he threatened her with the cheque so that she would accept a divorce.

In her lawsuit, the appellant demanded the invalidity of the disbursement order of the cheque and to obligate her ex-husband to return the amount to her, indicating that she did not owe him its value.

She also demanded to obligate him to pay the fees and expenses of the lawsuit and the lawyer’s fees.

The complainant explained that she gave a cheque of Dhs215,000 to her husband during their marriage to buy a piece of land for her in an Arab country, but he persuaded her to give up the idea, and opened a new project for him, so she gave him another cheque of Dhs70,000 on the condition that he would cancel the first cheque, but he did not.

“I filed a criminal case against him and he was sentenced on charges of forging papers in my name, then I filed an alimony suit against him, which resulted in his debt to me with sums that he did not pay, so he threatened me with the first cheque that dated back to five years and an execution verdict was issued for him”, She indicated. 

The court indicated that the complainant provided evidence that the cheque was written for purchasing a property in an Arab country and she also presented a dated assignment contract issued to the appellee along with a petition submitted to the Public Prosecution, accusing him of breach of trust.

“According to the appellee's chats on WhatsApp, he threatened the complainant with presenting the cheque in the event that she did not accept the divorce.”, the court pointed out, affirming that it had proved that Dhs70,000 had been withdrawn from the complainant's bank account, which proved her claim, in addition to that the appellee did not appear to present a defence.

Then, the court canceled the order to disperse the cheque of Dhs215,000, and obligated the appellee to return its amount to the appellant.

The court also acquitted her of owing the value of the cheque to him, and obligated him to pay the fees and expenses of the case and the lawyer’s fees.

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