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A live mouse came out of a loaf of bread ordered online

A live mouse was found inside a packet of bread in India.

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In India, it became expensive for a woman to order double bread from an online shopping company.

According to media reports, a man named Nitin Arora shared some pictures on Twitter and expressed his anger saying that he ordered a double loaf from an online shopping company and a live mouse was found inside the packet.

According to the man, he ordered the bread on Feb.1, which had a live rat in the sealed packet, Nitin expressed anger over the poor quality under the guise of early delivery.

Nitin shared photos and video on Twitter. He wrote, “Most unpleasant experience with @letsblinkit (Blinkit), where a live rat was delivered inside the bread packet ordered on 1.2.23. This is alarming for all of us. If 10 minutes delivery has such baggage, @blinkitcares I would rather wait for a few hours than take such items. #blinkit #zomato”

Blinkit is an Indian instant delivery service mobile app. Customers can order stuff online with fast delivery services.

Many users expressed their anger on this unpleasant experience of the man and some also shared their experiences.

On the other hand, the company's representative responded to Nitin Arora's tweet and apologised, writing “Yes, I can see, your concern is legitimate, I sincerely apologize to you for this issue.”

Also, the customer head of the company said that they have taken action against him.

Dhananjay Shashidharan responded to Nitin, “I head Customer Support here at Blinkit. I want to assure you, we've taken swift action already and de-listed the partner store, even as we are investigating the matter with the storeowner.

“We have high standards for hygiene at all our stores, and with this incident, we have increased the frequency of audits at the store networks.”

This is not the first time such an incident has taken place.

In 2013, a tobacco pouch was found inside a Pepsi bottle in Gujarat.

The consumer registered a case against Pepsi. The court asked Pepsi to compensate consumer.

According to media reports, Pepsico India Holdings Pvt Ltd paid Rs20,000 to the consumer, who found the pouch floating inside the packed soft drink bottle he had purchased.

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