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Dutch scientist who predicted Turkey earthquake raises fears in Egypt

Frank Hogerbeets.

Gulf Today Report

The Dutch earthquake researcher and scientist Frank Hogerbeets has stirred up controversy again.

After predicting the Turkish earthquake a few days before it occurred, he clarified in a new video his expectations for the coming period of earthquakes that Turkey or its neighboring countries may witness.

Hogerbeets said that there are many earthquakes in the area that witnessed the recent earthquake, in addition to seismic activity in Lebanon, Iraq, Iran and some other countries, explaining that there is a change in the pressure distribution throughout the region during the last days after the Turkey earthquake.

He continued, “People ask me if a major earthquake will happen in Lebanon or even Egypt, and I say that in the end yes, because if we look at the history of these countries, they are exposed to great seismic activity, but it is not possible to say for sure based on the recent activity if that will happen next week or in In 5 or 10 years, no one really knows.

Dr. Sherif El-Hadi, head of the earthquake department at the Egyptian National Institute for Astronomical and Geophysical Research, responded to the Dutch researcher's statements, stressing that there is no scientific evidence that an earthquake will occur in Egypt soon, just as there is no tool in the world that can predict the earthquake.

He added that seismologists and specialists cannot predict the occurrence of earthquakes, but their task is to monitor and follow up.

He said: “Words that have no scientific evidence, and the expert may not have said anything like this in the first place,” according to local media.

He added that Egypt is far from the areas active in earthquakes, and the occurrence of earthquakes in Egypt as strong as the Turkey earthquake is incorrect, indicating that Egypt is safe from the aftershocks of the devastating Turkey and Syria earthquake.

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