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VIDEO: 7-year-old girl shields younger brother from debris in Syria

A sister shields her younger brother from rubble in Syria.

Mian Mujahid Shah, Gulf Today

The viral photo and video of a 7-year-old Syrian girl, circulating on social media, melted millions of hearts, as she was seen protecting her younger brother’s head while both were trapped under quake rubble.
Both the siblings remained for 17 hours under the rubble of their building, after the devastated earthquake in Syria and Turkey.

In the video, the minor girl is seen pleading with rescuers to pull her out of the rubble.

“Uncle, please pull me out and I will do whatever you want, I will be your servant!” she heard saying, as a rescuer replies, “No, no.”

In the viral video, the Syrian girl is seen placing her hand over her younger brother’s head to shield him from the parts of the falling concrete.

The rescuers, while trying to calm him down, asked the girl about her little brother and the toys he likes, until they were pull out alive.

On Tuesday, the United Nations official, Mohammad Safa, who posted the picture on his Twitter account, said that the children had been under the rubble for 17 hours and got out safely.

“The 7-year-old girl who kept her hand on her little brother’s head to protect him while they were under the rubble for 17 hours has made it safely. I see no one sharing.  If she were dead, everyone would share! Share positivity…” Safa tweeted.

Many netizens applauded the brave girl for her compassionate gesture in the distressing situation after seeing the photograph.

While both the siblings were praised for being brave, the young girl was viewed as the hero to shield her brother from the disaster.

In the viral video locals cheering as the children are carried from the rubble wrapped in blankets and later taken to hospital for medical care.

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