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VIDEO: Quebec woman’s stolen car used in brazen Ontario mall ‘drive-through theft’


A videograb shows the car driving through the entrance of the mall in Ontario.

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A Canadian woman did not expect to be involved in a dangerous robbery at a famous shopping mall in the state of Ontario.

Taylor-Anna Kobinger, a resident of the province of Quebec, published an advertisement on Facebook for the sale of her car, which is an Audi A4.

On January 29, she said that a man came to test the car before buying it, adding: "He got out with the car twice."

"In the first drive, everything was normal, but when he asked to test it for the second time, he started driving dangerously." And she continued, “He was driving very dangerously and I did not feel safe, and when I got out of the passenger seat, he drove away.”

She also said, “I tried to run after him, but to no avail. Since that moment, I have not seen my car, ” according to what was reported by the Canadian media.

Later, Kobinger said she was told by York Regional Police that her car had been involved in a robbery at a shopping mall more than 550 kilometers from her home.

The police stated that the car broke into the doors of the Ontario mall during early Wednesday morning, before robbing an electronics store, as the complex was closed and empty of people. Security camera footage from inside the Vaughan Mills mall shows that a car broke through the glass doors and drove normally inside.

The vehicle also left the same way it entered the compound, without there being footage of the theft crime inside the electronics store.

The mayor of Vaughan, Stephen Del Duca, described the incident as "crazy." "It's a daring crime," Sergeant Clint Whitney told reporters outside the mall on Wednesday.

He added that the police are looking for two suspects in connection with the incident, but they were unable to provide descriptions of them, as they were disguised as headscarves while committing the crime. He said the suspects stole "a quantity of electronic devices" and could face heavy charges in connection with the theft.

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