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VIDEO: Hiss hiss! Snake emerges from a golf scoring hole in Australia


A videograb shows the snake emerging from the golf-scoring hole in Sydney.

Syed Shayaan Bakht, Gulf Today

In a scary moment, a snake emerging from the scoring hole in an Australian gold resort surprised golfers.

The incident took place at The Coast Golf and Recreation Club on the southern Sydney coastline.

Players were shocked to find the deadly red-bellied black snake taking refuge in the hole on the second green.

'The 4 feet red belly black hung around and watched a few groups come through before moving on.
The black snakes are venomous and make up 16% of all snakebites.

A representative of the golf club said the black snake had been seeking shelter from the searing summer heat and eventually moved on without intervention.
However, the club advised golfers to be vigilant of the reptile.

Wild animals’ encounters are quite common in the Australian outback.

In June 2022, an angry man beat the hell out of a rampaging crocodile with a frying pan in the Northern Territory.

The brave man has been identified as Kai Hansen.
Hansen said the wild beast needed a “good lesson.”
Hansen runs a pub at the Goat Island lodge and said the area needed to be safe for tourists and adventure seekers.

The wild video shows a crocodile charging towards Hansen who refused to back down.

As soon as the crocodile came at an arm's length, the rugged outdoorsman hit the snout of the reptile twice, making the animal retreat back to the water.

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